Monday, November 28, 2011

Baba Ramdev - A threat to whom ?

After a near death blow to the peaceful protest in 04 June'11, Baba Ramdev has again resurfaced with Bharat Swabhiman movement - 2. The main agenda of this movement is again Black Money. Baba has hardened his stand against the biggest agencies of the world. Let me summarise these agencies. They are as follows :-

UNO - United Nations Organisation, New York City
WHO - Geneva, Switzerland
WTO - Geneva, Switzerland
IMF - Washington, DC, US
WB - Washington, DC, US

Clearly black money affects IMF and WB. But Baba Ramdev is a yog guru with vast statistics of curing innumerable diseases with his yoga. It is in direct conflict with the politics of WHO. Baba also asks for fixing the issues with various malpractices in small scale industries in industries. Again, there is a direct conflict with an organisation named WTO. If we combine all these organizations, then at the apex comes UNO.

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