Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gold Hunt in Unnao, India

This blog is written in the light of recent gold hunt event in Unnao, India. I am putting forward the opinion of Indian Media and Outside world on this event in form of two flowcharts.

Through the similarity between the two flowcharts, I want to convey that the Indian media does not represents "Indian" point of view. The main stream media is well exposed by So I won't go into further details here.

Imagine for a moment if really the gold is found in that location. Then what ? As a self esteemed Indian, should we go with the solutions of corrupt media and bogus outsider's ? We really need to think in that direction.

a) Set up research committee(s) to create a database of all such events happened in the past. The task of this committee should be to find the historicity of these events.
b) The committee should establish the percentage of cases that resulted in success and percentage of cases that resulted in failure.
c) If there are cases which shows a clear incidence of meta-physics involved, then it will form the basis for further research in this area of meta-physics.

There can be only two possible result or outcome of this research work.
a) There exists such phenomenon where humans can achieve such state of mind where they can predict events beyond the realms of present scientific achievements.
b) There is no such phenomenon and research in this field is futile.

Next we should ask certain questions to ourselves.
a) If these incidences are common in India, then why are we not doing any serious research in this direction ?
b) Shouldn't we follow so called "scientific" approach to solve this (beyond the realms of science) dream vs reality mystery ?
c) If these phenomenon indeed occur, should we know the mechanism behind this approach ?

Lets imagine the outcome of research turns out to be positive. What are the possible scenarios
a) It will be the next giant leap in the realm of present science.
b) It will be a serious blow to present established faiths such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism which do not believe in higher state of human mind can be achieved by normal people. This research can be a death knell to the existing Abrahamic faiths.