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7/9 Bombings in New Delhi – A description

It is very disheartening to see another act of terror in New Delhi where a bomb blast occurred outside the High Court on 7th September, 2011. In this blog I want to cover some technical, political and ideological issues involved with these bombing which I believe are important to understand behind these act of terror. Finally, I present my solution which is difficult but is inevitable for our survival.

Technicalities behind the blast

These blasts involved the use of explosive called PETN(Pentaerythritol tetranitrate). The previous bombings in India were based on RDX or Ammonium Nitrate. This is the first time PETN is used for terrorist activity in India. PETN is more deadlier than RDX in terms of explosive power for the same quantity used. The most scary issue with PETN explosive is that it is a plastic explosive and is not detectable by current machines used in India for finding bombs. Even the sniffer dogs are not trained for detecting this kind of explosive. These terrorist have proved that they are one step ahead which is alarming. PETN is not manufactured in India, which means it is smuggled into India via Pakistan border or Bangladesh borders. Initial claims of HuJI involvement in bombing creates an impression that the bombing was guided by terrorist groups from Bangladesh. This raises serious question on the border security forces. If a deadly chemical explosive can cross our border, then the day is not far when a nuclear bomb will be smuggled inside.

Political failure

The series of bombings one after another has exposed the level of political failure in New Delhi. The location of this blast is barely 100 meters from India Gate which is situated in the heart of the capital. Terrorists have shown their might and reach by bombing in the center of the capital city. But what our political leaders are doing ? Prime minister says – It is unfortunate. There is no voice of retaliation or hard stand against any of these attacks. Instead, the Congress government is busy in defending Afzal Guru who has already been given death sentence 7 years ago. The government has given a very clear message to all the terrorists – You can come and kill the people of India. If you are caught, we will feed you nicely in 5-star jails and will never punish you. It is beyond any doubts that these added measures of the government directly boost the confidence of terrorists.

Ideology of Terrorism

It is very important to understand the motives behind these attacks. It is beyond any doubt that these are the outcome of “Islamic Terror”. The people behind these activities have a very clear agenda. They want to establish a Pan-Islamic state where the rule of Islam exist. They don't believe in the concept of modern nation state. For them, there is no India, no Pakistan or no Afghanistan. The critics who says that root of terrorism lies in poverty and illiteracy is a total bullshit. Most head of terrorist organisations are engineers, doctors, scientists, MBA degree holders. Bin Laden was a Saudi billionaire with rich educational background. These terrorist are governed by very very simple and direct philosophy, i.e. , establish the rule of Islam by any method possible. Use of force is not an issue for them. It is an ideological war. For people like us, terrorism is wrong, but for them it is their ultimate aim of life. It is impossible to make any argument with them as they don't fear killing others for their political goals.

Solution to terrorism

These terrorists are proclaiming their superiority on our sovereignty. Our government has boosted their confidence in dastardly attacks by going soft on national enemies such as Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab. In principle, terrorism is a mind game. These terrorists are attacking our psyche. They want to instil an element of fear in our mind. In this scenario, we can counter them by defeating them in their own game. Fear should be balanced with fear. If they kill one of us, then we need to retaliate. We need to give capital punishment to all the terrorists eating delicious food in our jails. We need to set examples before them. They are not above the laws of nature. Whatever be the ideology of these terrorists, survival instinct always prevail. They need to know that their acts would definitely lead them to shameful death. Hence, direct capital punishment is the only solution.

For a more detailed analysis on Delhi bombing, kindly watch the video from CHAUTHI DUNIYA:-

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