Friday, August 19, 2011

Why Lokpal movement is a must for youths …

India is witnessing the biggest revolution of all times. The current public demonstration in favor of a strong law against corruption has achieved its biggest support from the young section of the society. It shouldn't be surprising at all since 50% of the Indian population is less that 25 years of age and if a person of 42 years can be projected as a youth icon then more than 75 % of the population is young in India. But we need to understand this spectacular response from youth is a result of a very dangerous picture that nobody wants to discuss.

The population that belongs to the working age between 20-65 is more than 65 crore (650 million). Out of this gigantic figure, the number of people who are employed full time and those who can claim themselves to have a respectable job is no more than 3.5 crore which is roughly 5 % of the entire workforce. These jobs include banks, insurance companies, army, public sector enterprises, state level government entities. Rest of the population is engaged in jobs which are categorized as unorganized. The number of people who are earning their livelihood in unorganized sector are those who sell stuff on footpath, sell tea in stall, petty cleaners and all those menial job which goes unnoticed. There is neither any job security nor any respect for these jobs. Some get job for 2 months some get for 4 months. It is shameful to say that agriculture, that engages 70% of the Indian population comes under unorganized sector. After 64 years of independence, the government is unable to provide food to all the people, forget about clothing, shelter, education, health, security, road, electricity and water. The deficit in the performance of government has zoomed so much that it has become inevitable for people to live. In the end, it is the youth of India which is exposed to such a grim situation. With no jobs in place and an entire new generation ready to replace them, the youth is left with nothing but to agitate to the government to take concrete steps.

In the cities the situation is no good either. With students studying for 20-25 years are unable to get jobs in the area they wish to work. Whatever be the qualification, the talent is diverted towards writing software with monthly salaries just sufficient to live and no time for leisure. The students realise that their degree have no real value.

With no concrete plans or schemes for generating employment, the government should be taken to task. The movement against corruption gives the youth power to put pressure on the government. It is the time when the youth should come to front and press hard for addressing their grim situation. An end to corruption will allow the money which is lost in scams to generate hoard of new opportunities.

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